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Home & Family Pandemic Preparedness

Where contact with infected persons is not expected, the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) helps individuals to prevent sprays of potentially infected liquid droplets (from talking, coughing and sneezing) from contacting their nose or mouth.

Masks: N95 masks provide protection from liquid droplets and are generally recommended.  N95 masks provide superior protection in infectious environments and are filtration 95% effective against particulate aerosols free of oil.

Medical Exam Gloves: Infection is spread when a person touches droplets, nose drainage or saliva from an infected person, or a soiled object, and then touches ones own or someone else's nose or mouth before washing hands.  An important function of exam gloves is to serve as a reminder to not touch your nose, eyes, mouth, or other objects.  The gloves need to be turned inside out when removing to prevent contamination.

Safety Goggles: Goggles need to be worn especially when caring for infected individuals or when within 3 feet of infected individuals.  Make sure they fit correctly.

Isolation Gowns, Shoe Covers, Hair Covers: Disposable isolation gowns, shoe covers and hair covers are worn when caring for infected persons.  They, too, need to be removed properly to avoid contamination.

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Time Magazine's Pandemic Issue

Now that we have learned how to be extra careful with our personal hygiene and use special personal equipment such as N95 Masks, exam gloves, etc. as barriers to protect us during a pandemic, we need to understand the time issue involved.

When a pandemic is happening around the world, we do not know how long it will last.  Preparing for a pandemic is much the same as preparing for any other emergency, except that we need to extend the level of preparation to last much longer.

We have been told that we need to have enough food, water and clothing for at least 3 days (now 5 to 10 days).  If you were to be quarantined....either by health officials or voluntarily.....how long could you sustain yourself?  Three days?  Two weeks?  Three months?  Now is a good time to inventory your household.  What do you really have on hand?

Water is critical.  You need to have at least 1 gallon of water per person per day for at least two weeks.  That is 14 gallons per person.  (We will get into the whole water issue in a different email.)  But for now, make sure you have water on hand.

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